Minggu, 20 Juni 2010

What happen in the road

in sunday i go to my friend house. in there we dont do anything. so i think i want go around and maybe we seen some place for take some pic. and ta.da we get a great pic. if you know it's hard for seen the place we must go around until a far place. but it paid off with good pictures.

                      *P.S cause no one want to takeing our pic so we alternately one by one

*P.S this pic take on road (like beggar) if you know it's so embarrasing

 *P.S this take near from *Bepbep cencored cause it's to embarrasing
*P.S and the last we taki this pic on our lovely ordinary school

after take this all pic we go around again but it's to early so we decided to come back to our home. and this aour photo work(hahahah).

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